Spring Snow

by Josh Onizuka

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released April 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Josh Onizuka Keller, Texas


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Track Name: Kindling (Ft. Cherish Onizuka)
Oh My Sweet Pay Me No Heed I've My Own Ways to keep Warm

A Handheld Flame and Over-Priced Kindling Seemingly Work

So I Quote Wiser Men For Their Words Are Stronger

I Drink The Ink Of Their Pens Ingested By the Gallon

But Oh My Sweet Pay Me No Heed I'll Simply Bury this Down

Take My Heart Feel It's Last Beating Before I'm Buried In the Dirt

And Though My Eyes Admit Defeat I Will Never Give In

I think I'll make off with this Suit of Armor and Get It's Worth in Gold

Cuz I've Been Made to Run and Wear It Everywhere I Go

But Oh My Sweet Pay Me No Heed It's Just this Fever that's Talking
Track Name: Persistance
No Matter What Has Happened To Whoever was Here Before

I Am Sturdy Not Nearly About to Lose Control

All of the Whispers And All of the Holes that they Crawled From

I wont Listen to Not One or Any of Them

I've Got to Be 100% Confident In Myself What I'm Doing Right Now

Are the Muscles In My Face All in Their Right Places Showing What I Am
Feeling Right Now?

When Your Heart Takes A Beating Are You Defeated? Or do You Stand Tall? Hold On To Your GROUND!

For No Matter What Has Happened To Whoever Was Here Before Me

I'll Be Steady think I'm Ready for Anything You Through My Way

For I Am Persistance Pushing On and On and On And ON

Yes I am Persistance Pushing On and Anya.
Track Name: Black Hole For Breakfast
To Be A Man Means You Understand Exactly What It's Gonna Take

And Stick to The Things That You Say

A Truly Good Woman Means You'll Always Be There

Giving In to Love And Always Taking Care Of Me

All the Gold In the World, I'll Own It All Someday

I'll Melt It Down, and in It's Heat, I'll Burn all Your Paper Money

There Is an Ancient Prophecy: All Time Will Come to an End

Don't make the choice to stay behind, I Promise to ASCEND

A Black Hole Opened In the Night. When I Woke It pulled Me Inside

To this Dark Dimension, I've Lost Everything (X2)
Track Name: Lamb In Wolf's Clothing
She Is Wild And Free

Wearing the Fur of a Beast with Sharper Teeth than Her Own (X2)

We Both Dream of a Day

When the Spirits of the Trees can Reclaim the Land They Once Owned

How I Wish We could stay in this Cave Forever, Bodies Intertwined

But She's Gone, She's Gone, She's Gone with the Sunrise

Wearing the Fur Of a Beast with Sharper Teeth than Her Own.
Track Name: Citrina's Grave